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07-08-2002, 06:16 PM
I'm desperately searching for a workout bra I can wear while jogging that doesn't allow too much 'jiggling' - I'm only two months, but I'm usually a 34C and I'm already closer to 34/36D now. I tried to run today with one of my regular jogging bras but I had to stop after just a few seconds because it hurt so much! I started sleeping with a bra on about a week ago and I'm finding that I can't sleep on my side or stomach because they hurt, and my husband can't even give me a hug without me flinching. Just brisk walking is fine, but I really love to run. Any suggestions (besides stop working out!)?


07-09-2002, 03:49 PM
No specific suggestions, but I was this sore earlier in my pregnancy and found that the pain subsided significantly by around 10-12 weeks. You might want to stick with the brisk walking for another couple of weeks, and then you should be less tender and able to run again (I started prenatal aerobics around 12w and had no discomfort - just had to buy a bigger sports bra!).

Hope this helps!

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07-11-2002, 09:01 AM
I too had very sesitive breasts throughout my pregnancy. I was able to run throughout my pregnancy for about 7 months. I still had days that I just wasn't able to run be it sore breasts, to many bathroom breaks(which made me run on the treadmill so I could be near a bathroom) or false labor contractions that occurred farther along in the pregnancy(this is why I stopped at 8 months) I suggest getting a sports bra that fits also that allows no movement, I think I bought a Champion spots Bra that specifically said No movement sports bra. Good Luck with the running I know I got alot of grief from family and friends, my only support was my husband.


07-11-2002, 04:55 PM
If you are planning on nursing after your baby is born, check out fitmaternity.com. The Promise nursing bra has been great for me. When I posted the same question a few months ago, someone said they wore a sports bra on top of their nursing bra. You could try two jogging bras. In order to sleep during pregnancy and after, I hug a pillow on my side and that seemed to help support my sore breasts.

07-19-2002, 05:01 PM

I was in the same boat as you -- I really like to work out, I was a 34C and I grew to a 36D through my pregnancy. I found that the Mothers in Motion line was really helpful -- I got a bra and a pair of shorts with an inner support. Both carried me through to the very end. I stopped jogging at about 6 months but I continued to go to step class and yoga until the end. The bra was so supportive I felt that I wasn't moving at all. The shorts with the liner made me feel that I could be pretty active without any harm. It provided back support as well. I highly recommend them! Best of luck to you -- the whole painful breast thing is hard to get used to (for you and your husband!) but staying active is important, not just for your body but for your mental health! Ellen Kwon

07-22-2002, 12:42 AM
I am also a 34C (but now a 36D)- I just wear two sports bras now, and it works fine. I've always liked a lot of support, even when I was not pg, so I've been wearing two sports bras for a years. Not actual bras, but those cute very tight bra-like tops from Nike, etc. Works for me. I haven't had to buy anything new yet to get more support, but I'm only 5 months along. Maybe I'll add a third one if I need to! You don't move at all!
good luck!