View Full Version : Avent Isis vs. electric pump

07-18-2002, 03:44 PM
I have been using the Avent Isis manual pump and am fairly happy with it. I can easily get about 6 ounces in a 20-30 minute session (both breasts).

I was just curious if anyone has been able to compare the Isis to the electric pumps (Medela Pump in Style and the like) and what they thought. Can you get more milk with the electric? Does it take less time? What about convenience as far as portability and plugging in? Are they loud?

I would love to try one to compare but don't want to spend the money if I get the same results.

Thanks for any input.


07-19-2002, 09:57 AM
I bought an Ameda Purely Yours to start, thinking it would be the main pump I use at work, and then bought an Isis as kind of a fluke. Thought it would be good to have a back up, I guess. It turns out now that I use the Isis as my main pump and use the Purely Yours once in the morning before going to work. The isis is so much easier to carry around and I feel better knowing I can use it anywhere without outlets and all the noise. I get the same amount of milk in the same amount of time with both.

The only reason to buy one of the good electric pumps is that it could probably cut your pumping time in half if you wanted to pump both sides at once. Otherwise save your money.

07-19-2002, 04:46 PM

Hi -- I have a Medela pump that can be plugged in or used with batteries and it's really good for travel. It takes quite a bit of time (about 25 - 30 minutes), it's a little uncomfortable (in fact sometimes painful), and when I'm pumping one side and 'let down,' the other side leaks, often through my clothes. Granted, when it's leaked through, I haven't been wearing a pad because I've been dressed up. My sister-in-law lent me the Pump In Style and it's great -- it has variable speed/strength so you can start off easy and speed up -- I've found it takes less than 10 minutes and I can do both at the same time. The thing is, I don't really need that kind of convenience at that price because I'm at home. If you're back at work and pumping, I would invest in an electric. If you're home (like me), the manual/battery kind is fine but not ideal. Good luck!