View Full Version : HELP!!!! -- Any comments about the Fold 'n Go Elan Care Center - Merlot by Century?

04-16-2001, 05:59 PM
I chose this playpen because Century's bassinet holds a larger baby than Graco (18 lbs vs. 15 lbs), and, to be honest, I like the color. Since most of Centurys and Gracos looked basically the same in quality, I figured I could be a little vain about this choice. You can get a look-see at


Have any of you also used this? There's a quilted 'seam' right down the center of the bassinet. And I'm wondering if this ever posed a problem for any of you that have it. None of the other Centurys or Gracos have it, but neither do their 'mattresses' fit well into the bassinet. They all sort of buckle. And while this Elan version lies flat, but my sister-in-law thought the seam might pose a suffocation hazard. In my opinion, the baby only stays in there for the first initial months anyway, and s/he will be on her/his back anyway.

I'll take any advice you all can give me. I've researched this product at other sites, and no one else has mentioned it. . . . HELP!!!



05-17-2001, 01:54 PM
Just read your message and was wondering if you decided to go with the Century Fold 'n Go Elan after all. I also registered for that item (baby is due in July) so I'd like to know if you have any experience with it yet, since I still have time to pick out a different one.

I was also concerned about the seam down the middle of the bassinet - it seems a little uncomfortable. Some of the other bassinet/playpens (like the Graco) have the large mattress, however I thought it seemed a little shaky - but what do I know!

Any input on this item would be greatly appreciated!


05-17-2001, 02:25 PM
Yes, I did get this play yard. And while my baby still is waiting to be born (I have 6.5 weeks yet), I have the thing set up and ready to go.

And you know what? While the one in the store has that seam, mine doesn't. I can't figure out why there's a difference, but I didn't give it that much thought.

Good luck to you.


05-26-2001, 10:59 PM

Just thought you'd like to know... I have the Fold 'n' Go in Merlot & we have a 3 week old baby girl (8lbs 6oz) . She slept in it all the time the first two weeks & now naps in it.

There are matching sheets for it but they don't fit snug enough in the bassinet (it fits better when you use it in the pack n' play mode) so we put a blanket over the 'matress' to make it more cozy- it tucks in well to the sides.

The baby likes it & so do we!

Just thought you'd like to know : )

PS--- we have the matching swing & Maddy loves [email protected]!