View Full Version : Wal-Mart's Parent's Choice Bottles and Avent Interchangable?...

05-29-2001, 05:17 PM
I have had several people tell me that the nipples for these bottles are interchangable with the Avent bottles. Does anyone know anything about the Wal-Mart Brand. e.g. who makes them and are they the same as Avent? Would really like some more info as they are much cheaper...

05-29-2001, 10:27 PM
I don't know anything about the parent's choice but another shopper in Toys r Us told me the gerber new traditions silicone nipples fit the avent bottles. I almost bought them but realized the $3.99 price was the exact same as the avent nipples. How much cheaper is the parent's choice brand?

07-25-2001, 09:58 PM
I don't know about the nipples, but the Wal-Mart liner bags are EXACTLY the same as Avent's and significantly cheaper. (However please note my son was last bottle fed in June 2000 - over a year ago).