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07-14-2001, 10:05 AM
My mother-in-law wants to have a Pack N Play on hand during our visits. I went to Babies R Us yesterday and was overwhelmed by the options, although I was originally leaning toward the Graco 3-in-1. Any suggestions on narrowing down the choices?

Also would appreciate any feedback on swings. Thanks!

07-18-2001, 04:22 PM
If this is going to be just at your MIL's house, I would lean toward the "less-is-more philosophy." Just get a nice safe one with no extras.

BUT. . .if you are going to use this yourself, my suggestion: get the one with the most extra pieces. I know it will seem like a LOT to lug around (pack-n-plays are portable about like your kitchen table is portable!), but whatever piece you DON'T have will be the one you long for later.

We received a Cosco Eddie Bauer version with bassinette and changing table. It was terrific when we brought the baby home and the crib was a) HUGE and b) on a different floor than us. It saved us from buying/borrowing a bassinette. We used the basinette even when we travelled, until the little guy learned to roll over (4 months?). The changing table lasted about as long. I thought it would last longer, but my kid got tall fast and outgrew it, as it was only as tall as the short side of the PNP. I have now begun to use it as a playpen and had to order a separate "canopy" so we can use it outside.

I think it's all about how you are going to use it.

The only suggestion I will make is to get one with a VINYL bottom pad. The Cosco EB has a fabric pad, so I always have to carry both a sheet and a mattress pad thing. Since there isn't a way to wash the fabric covered bottom, I don't think it's a good choice.

Good luck!

07-18-2001, 08:24 PM
My 2 cents...look for one with wheels on one end. For me, it was so convenient to pick up one end and drag it around the house. The width (at least of the Graco PnP that I have) allows you to move it through standard doorways.

I have the bassinet feature, but I never used it. The baby should be fine sleeping on the bottom of the PnP. I used my PnP at home as a playpen, and I still take it to my parents' house and my in-laws' house to use as a crib.

I hope that helps!

11-01-2001, 12:26 AM
My son has the Baby Trend with a half size bassinet and they wish they had bought one with the full size bassinet. Their baby is only 12 lbs. and it's almost too small for her. They want to keep her in their room for awhile longer.

11-01-2001, 04:44 PM
Just a quick question, we are thinking of getting the PACK n Play, but want to know, if we still want to co-sleep with the baby after 3 or 4 months when the baby outgrows the bassinet, is it safe for the baby to sleep at the bottom of it? Is it easy to travel with? We need one to travel with to my in-laws house and will need something for her to sleep in when she is around 6 or so months? ANybody think we need the co-sleeper thing also by Pottery Barn or Arms Reach? It looks very portable.

11-13-2001, 02:02 AM
Hi all!

I recieved the Graco 3 way Pack'n' Play as a shower gift. I LOVE it!
I have the version that has a bassinet, changing station and parent organizer bin.

The bassinet my daughter slept in for the first month or so. She slept in it at my in-law's and sisters (so easy to fold and unfold too) like a champ. Target makes PNP sheets that fit the bassinet feature to boot.

The changing station I still use, and my daughter is 6 months old. Beats the heck out of running to the nursery.

The parent organizer some people may call 'fluff' but I still keep diapers, wipes and extra clothes in that. Especially when we travel, that is indespensible for keeping everything where you want it and having it right there, on hand.

Someone asked about baby sleeping in the bottom of it....and that's worked for us. Our daughter has done that while traveling, no problem.

So, if you can't guess, I love my PNP. It's a great product.

Take care,