View Full Version : Phillips baby monitor?

07-25-2001, 11:38 AM
Target is selling a baby monitor made by Phillips that comes with two mobile units and looks quite nice. Does anybody know anything about these monitors?

07-31-2001, 11:44 PM
I love it! I have been through 4 monitors and this one is the only one without any static. Now that being said, let me say I didn't initially like it.

My first monitor was a Safety 1st Sensitive Sound (I think) with rechargeable battery. Worked great for a week then complete static. It has 4 channels and I'll be darned if all 4 channels didn't produce static at one time or another. Also picked up people's phone conversations.

My next was the Phillips. No static. However, when I was showering I all the sudden looked up and the lights were going crazy. Went from dead silence to wailing. I realized that this monitor has no low level noise. It only picks up when it gets to a certain sound level. When my daughter was only a few weeks old, I didn't like it. My husband was deployed and I was quite overwhelmed. I wanted to hear her as she was first getting fussy so I could rush in and grab her before she started to cry since once she started it was difficult for her to stop.

So, I returned it and went for a First Years 900mhz monitor. This was great for a day or two and then had a constant clicking sound. By then my husband came back home. It drove us both crazy at night. Not to mention, I again occasionally had phone conversations picked up.

So, we returned it and found the First Years 2.4ghz monitor. We thought since this was a new technology there might be less interference...wrong! This had a constant light sound that also was annoying, though no phone conversations this time. It too was returned.

I then mentioned to my husband that the Phillips was the only one without static and no phone conversations picked up, but I didn't like that I couldn't hear her fussing or cooing. He pointed out that that would just wake us when she might go back to sleep anyway. She now was a couple months older (3 months to be exact) and if she started crying, when I walked into the room she usual stopped immediately anyway. So, we went out and rebought the Phillips. Have been using it ever since.

So, would I recommend it? Yes. However, probably not if you want to hear every sound. It is great after the 3 month mark. I may still try another monitor when we have our next child for the beginning months, but in the meantime this is the only one I found that didn't have any interference. It also has rechargeable batteries which was a feature we wanted besides static free use. Hopefully their will be a better choice in the future.

BTW, we live in San Diego in a condo (high density...lots of other monitors likely in the area) and have ceiling fans (can cause interference). So, my experience will definately be different then someone who lives in the country.