View Full Version : I finally got the FP Cordless Nursery Monitor!

07-30-2001, 11:56 AM
I have looked all over for this thing, it was listed as the best buy in the book. The Fields replied to my message a week or two ago about not being able to find it, it seems the company didn't realize how much of a demand there would be, and they got a bit backed up. After searching for months, the monitor has finally appeared at Amazon.com! I got it for $32.00 (and I think it was the only one in stock last week), I just checked and the price is now $28.00, so maybe they've gotten a new shipment in and lowered the price.

All I know is that they didn't have it before, nobody had it, and now it seems they do, 'cause I got mine! I love how small and portable it is compared to the others I've seen. I sure hope it works great, I'm charging it now...

Here's the link to the monitor at Amazon.com if you've been looking for one: