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08-14-2001, 10:05 AM
hi - just wanted to share my 2 cents - i bought two different baby monitors (can you say neurotic?) - the safety 1st model that has a handheld color tv (picked up on e-bay for about $122 versus $200 or so in stores), and the angelcare monitor (i think also from safety 1st) - that one i paid nearly full price.
i think the COMBINATION of these two different monitors will be a great 1-2 punch against SIDS, our biggest fear. I have only tried the monitors briefly in my office, but i can tell you the video monitor had a clear picture, though tv reception was poor (in manhattan, you can't really get a tv image without cable). since i am mostly buying that monitor to check on my little tyke, i'm not too worried about tv reception - though will be great to have the little tv at a ball game! the monitor transmits color images in real time (no lag), and transmits sound. great to check up on the little one. i do imagine it will be a battery eater if one doesn't use the ac adapter for the tv part.
the angelcare could really be the ultimate baby monitor. it has a pad that goes under the mattress, and will sound an alarm if it does not detect movement for 20 seconds (it is sensitive enough to detect breathing, so yes, that's a movement) - i have read that it gives a lot of false alarms for older children who shift off the area of the mattress above the pad, but at least early on i think it could be a real lifesaver - literally. it has a unit you carry with you like any other baby monitor, and your unit gives audio - you can also select if you want a "tick" each time movement is detected.
i'm planning to buy a third monitor (no, i'm not completely crazy, just worried) that will attach to my tv (also from safety 1st) - the idea is that you have a black and white video/audio image of your little tyke on your tv set - i'm planning to use picture in picture - this will be a "convenience" if we forget a monitor upstairs - i'll leave it permanently docked to the tv. cost for the black and white attach to your tv monitor is about $80. total cost for all 3 sets of monitors is something like $280 - less than the cost of a top stroller, and far less than you'd likely spend on a vacation (even a weekend vacation) - again, just my two cents, and i hope this was helpful