View Full Version : Avent Newborn Nipples -- too fast??

12-11-2001, 07:59 PM
Our daughter (3 wks old) is using Avent bottles but they are starting to drive me crazy! It seems like the flow is too fast. It's either that or my daughter (who was breast-fed at first) is just not adjusting to the bottle very well. Has anyone had problems with the Avents leaking or seeming to have a flow that is too fast for a newborn? Any suggestions on other bottles to try? It is esp. annoying during night feedings when the bottle leaks/drips so badly that I have to change my daughter's nightgown!

12-13-2001, 11:54 PM
I had the same problem when my son was born. I tried the Avent bottles since everyone raves about them, but they didn't work for us. A nurse suggested we try nipples made for preemies because they would have a smaller opening. But those didn't really work either, and besides they were rubber and I wanted silicone. What ended up working for us were Gerber bottles (we started with the preemie ones since we had them already, then moved up to the 5 oz. and 9 oz.) with their silicone ortho nipples size 1 with the slow flow. We still use these bottles today--with the size 2 nipples, of course. We had also tried Evenflo nipples, but Gerber worked the best for us.

--Sue B.
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