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01-10-2002, 01:31 AM
I just wanted to point out a product that I haven't seen anywhere else, but found at BabySuperMall (the product description from the website follows):


"This handy item allows you to convert a disposable feeding bottle for use with a standard bottle nipple. Works with any standard disposable bottle and any standard bottle nipples....Some babies prefer the shape of a standard nipple more, instead of the wide base of a disposable nipple. You may, however, prefer the convenience of disposable bottles. Evenflo's Nipple Adapter allows you and your baby to both be comfortable at feeding time. Top rack dishwasher safe."

Three adapters sell for $2.98. I ordered mine on Saturday (online, even though they are "closed" on the weekends, so they shipped on Monday), and they arrived today (okay, I paid extra because I needed them quick for an upcoming trip--and wanted time to find an alternative if they didn't work). BabySuperMall says they come in "assorted basic colors" and they will choose for you. I got one of the blue pictured on the site, and the rest were the green/teal color. So much for matching the bottles I bought before the package arrived. ;-)

I have spent the past week and a half trying to come up with a disposable bottle system that my son would use. The only problem is he's use to his Gerber silicone Orthodontic (NUK) nipples. Playtex makes a latex nipple for their disposable system, but my son seemed to be having trouble with the flowrate. The round-top silicone ones he wouldn't even try, and I tried 3 different brands. I really wanted to find something like the nipples he's use to, but nobody makes them for disposables.

Then on Saturday I saw a listing for this product in BabyCatalog's catalog, but when I called they said they were discontinued. I did a web search and found them at BabySuperMall. We tried them with his last bottle this evening, and he drank it straight down! I don't know if we will continue to be so lucky, but I have a few more days to keep trying them before our trip. FYI: I tried them with a Playtex bottle and a drop-in liner.

Anyway, I just wanted to let people know about these since I've never seen anything like them before. And can't imagine why nobody else makes something like this--unless I just didn't look hard enough. And if they are discontinued, they may not be available much longer.

Okay, I'll stop rambling now....

--Sue B.
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