View Full Version : Baby Gates with wall moulding?

09-05-2001, 01:01 PM
Here's the problem:

I need to put a gate at the tope of our stairs. The directions say that you have to leave no more than 4 inches of space at the bottom of the gate (presumably so baby can't crawl under), but we have moulding on our wall right where the gate needs to go, and the moulding is higher than 4 inches. But we can't mount the gate on the moulding, because then the top part of the gate on the wall where the moulding is at the bottom won't be flush with the wall. In other words, because the moulding sticks out from the wall at the bottom, the gate can't be flush with the wall at the top. We'd have to use a really long screw at the top, and I'm not even sure that's safe. Any suggestions? Thanks!

09-12-2001, 06:53 PM
We got a small square of wood (maybe 4 inches) and bolted that to the wall with toggle bolts (very secure, the wall would give way before this would come off) to build out the wall to the right distance. Then we screwed the gate into that. We have the evenflo natual colored wood gate so we just sprayed a clear sealer on this extra piece and now it looks like it belongs.

I later saw an adapter kit on the internet somewhere to do basically the same thing. I can't remember the web site now of course but if you search for child safety gates maybe you can find it. Or if you are handy you can save some time and $$ and just do it yourself. Good luck!