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12-31-2001, 09:58 PM
We are in the beginning stages of childproofing our house to protect our active 8 month-old. The house is older, so it has some challenges such as a wrought-iron banister and railing that runs the length of the upstairs hallway. I purchased some plastic sheeting called "Kid Shield" from the One Step Ahead catalog to cover the railing. My question are these: the last rail is 2 5/8 inches from the wall. Is that distance small enough to not worry about? Or do I need to find a way to affix the plastic to the wall to cover that small gap. What is the minimum safe distance between rails or between the last rail and the wall?

One other related question. We are using the Kidco beech wood swinging gate at the top of our stairs (with a wrought-iron attachment kit). When we used the template included in the kit to determine where to place the gate, there was a 3 inch gap between the top step and the bottom of the gate. Is THIS a safe amount of space? Can a little one slither through this size opening feet-first and get stuck? I know Kidco is a reputable company and Alan and Denise Fields recommend their products. Would they lead me astray, here?

Thank you in advance for your help with this. I want to make sure I keep my little guy safe!

& Baby Jack

01-01-2002, 11:14 PM
I can't remember what the actual measurement is, but I thought for crib rails the test was whether you could fit a soda can between the rails (you don't want to be able to, of course).

I have the Kidco Beechwood gate, but I haven't installed it yet. I thought I read somewhere in the installation instructions what the maximum distance from the wall and floor was, but I could be wrong.

Sorry I haven't been much help, :-)

--Sue B.
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