View Full Version : Baby gate for 50 inch opening

04-12-2002, 11:04 AM
Can anyone recommend a pressure-mounted gate for a 50 inch opening? I am looking for a way to gate off our living room from the entrance hall and dining room. Since there are no stairs involved, I'd prefer to use a pressure gate so not to have to drill into the walls. I'd also like to be able to remove the gate after baby goes to bed. I'm having trouble finding anything large enough to fit this opening.

(& Jack, 4/20/01)

04-20-2002, 12:43 PM
The Soft 'n Wide gate by Evenflo is a pressure mounted gate that goes up to 60 inches. www.babiesrus.com has them.

Mommy to Alex, 6 months

04-24-2002, 10:27 AM

Thanks so much! I'll go take a look--this sounds like just what we need.

& Jack, age 1

05-04-2002, 09:36 AM
I like to idea that the Soft & Wide gate is portable. The only draw back is that you must step over it every time. I guess you could consider it a good form of exercise!

05-09-2002, 11:49 PM
Just a warning about pressure mounted gates...

When I was first looking for gates, I was really looking at the pressure mounted gates because I didn't want to drill into my walls. As I was looking, however, I was talking to a paramedic who HIGHLY recommended NOT using pressure mounted gates. He said he was constantly going to calls for kids hurt because of pressure mounted gates. I would recommend getting a wall-mounted gate, and patching the wall when you don't need it anymore. Just to be on the safer side...