View Full Version : Kiddy Guard retractable safety gates?

05-08-2002, 01:51 AM
Hi -

My baby is due in July, so I know I'm worrying about this early, but I wanted to see if: 1) it is safe to put those wall-mounted mesh, retractable safety gates at the top of stairs, and 2) if anyone has any experience with the Kiddy Guard safety gates?

I know this is horrible, but I want my child to be safe AND I want my house to look as "child-free" as possible. We have renovated a 100-year old house which is three stories and has a staircase that climbs through the center. I really don't want six gates at the top and bottom of each floor, so the retractable option seems like it might be a good compromise. I would think they are safe b/c they are wall-mounted and it says they can withstand up to 220 lbs of pressure...?

Anyone with answers or experience? Or, if you have other suggestions for almost invisible baby gates, please let me know! Thanks!

(You can see the guard I'm talking about at: