View Full Version : Safety on Vacation

05-16-2002, 03:46 PM
From those of you who have done it - when you go on vacation with your infant (6 1/2 months, crawling & pulling up) what did you do about safety? I mean aside from total vigilence?
Jen in the Heartland

06-04-2002, 04:00 PM
Mostly we just went with vigilance.

The good news is that most hotel rooms are reasonably hazard-free. No the outlets aren't covered, but then there's also nothing to stick in them. The TV is secured. There's nothing in the cabinets.

Inspect the room, and look for hazards. Remove any that you find. Keep the bathroom door closed.

If you know your child has a particular fetish about outlets, bring covers.

Staying at someone's house is a little harder - as much because you need to protect their stuff as the baby. Bring a playpen or another toy (we have a farm from Safety 1st that wasn't all that hard to put in the car) that the baby can be confined in when you can't be watching every move.

6 months isn't too bad. ;)