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05-27-2002, 08:51 PM
I'm looking for suggestions for safety gates. I need 3 regular sized ones. One is for the kitchen door from our living room (DD is starting to crawl into the kitchen! not good when I'm cooking), and we need 2 gates for the stairs. I'm not sure which type is best for the stairs. I assume having them mounted is best. Looking for suggestions... also saw a gate designed for the top of the stairs in One Step Ahead catalog and was wondering if anyone has used that.

05-28-2002, 07:12 AM
As far as I know, pressure-mounted gates can not be used at the top of the stairs.

What you pick partly depends on whether you want it permanently in place or not. And whether you mind plastic or metal or wood or don't care.

We have the KidCo Beechwood installed on the doorway to my son's room. I like the way the gate looks and personally don't have a problem with the way it functions. Other people like the Evenflo Walk-thru gate (I've also seen this called Secure Solutions--as far as I know they're the same). This one can be removed when not in use, but the hardware is mounted to the wall. I'm considering this one for the top of our stairs, so I can put it in place at night once DS is in a toddler bed and he figures out how to stack up his toys and climb over the gate to his room (The things mothers worry about! Don't know if he'd do it, but that's my fear.)

I haven't figured out a solution for the bottom of our stairs because there's only a wall on one side. That's another discussion.

You could get a pressure-mount gate for the kitchen, or you could just get another one like the KidCo or Evenflo.

I've seen the Kiddy Guard online (the one I think you're asking about), but I can't justify the price. At one point I considered it for the top of the stairs, but I also worry since it's not "solid."

FWIW, I've found that http://www.babycatalog.com has some pretty good prices on gates--especially if you have the 10% membership discount. Right now Amazon/BRU seems to have the best price on the Evenflo gate (http://www.babyant.com is a close second).

05-30-2002, 05:34 PM
I highly recommend the Evenflo Secure Solutions Swing gate. You can have the gate swing both ways for the kitchen, and you can also put on a bracket that limits the swing to one direction only for stairs.

I recommend you stay away from pressure gates. I've had paramedics tell me they go on calls involving pressure gates all the time. I know with permanently installed gates you'll have to patch the walls after you don't need them anymore, but the safety is worth it.