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11-22-2002, 01:27 PM
My little one is getting to the point where he is almost mobile, which means that we'll need to get started on baby proofing soon! I know that gates at the top of the stairs need to be securly attached to something, but all the gates I've seen are strictly for wall-to-wall attachment. I just have banisters at the top of my steps -- no wall to attach a gate to. Does anyone have any suggestions for which gates will attach directly to banisters?



11-22-2002, 11:56 PM
We have one of these gates. I'm searching my feeble brain for the name...I think it's by kidco.... I'm almost positive it's by kidco. Try doing a search on babiesrus or babycenter.com.

Sorry I can't think of the name, but one does exist!

11-24-2002, 11:39 AM
I have the same problem in my home. I am thinking of getting the Kidco Beechwood Gate - http://www.kidcoinc.com/gates/g31.htm
Kidco makes an installation kit that allows you to mount their gates to banisters. You need one kit for each side that is not to be mounted to a wall (2 banisters will take 2 kits.) They cost about $10 each. http://www.kidcoinc.com/gates/k10.htm I think the kit will also work with other brands. Please do report back when you decide what to do as I have to put up gates very soon as well!

Good luck!

12-01-2002, 06:08 PM
I have wrought iron banisters at the top of the stairs, and I recently purchased the Kidco Safeway Gate Model G20 (openings 24.75" to 43.5" wide). KidCo also makes a Gate Installation Kit ($14.95), and both are sold at the Right Start or www.rightstart.com. Since I have wrought iron, I would have needed 4 installation kits (for a total of $60); however, the saleswoman was very helpful and suggested I go to my local Home Depot and purchase all I needed to do it myself. I did purchase one kit to see what exactly I needed, and was able to purchase everything at the Home Depot for under $10. I was able to put it all together in about 15-20 minutes (you'll need a drill & screwdriver). If anyone would like any information about what exactly is contained in the installation kit, I'd be happy to send the list to you, along with instructions (very easy).
I just installed one of the gates at the bottom of the stairs, and it was pretty easy, and works great so far.

Good Luck!
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