View Full Version : are crib toys safe after mobile/bumper pads come down?

02-08-2003, 11:36 PM
Our baby is almost 5 months and isn't pulling up yet, but we know we need to take the mobile and bumper pads off the crib fairly soon. She is kicking up above the crib rail now. I am confused as I keep reading about how good it is to put crib mirrors or toys to entertain baby ... but isn't it unsafe to put *anything* in the crib at this point, as baby could use that toy to pull up and out of the crib? But then it seems so boring ... :-) I guess crib toys (ie, stuffed animals, etc) are safe after 1 year of age, when they can also start having blankets, etc?

What could we do in the room, that is safe, to entertain baby in the crib? Perhaps put an unbreakable mirror or something cheerful on the wall behind the crib?

She is such a kicker, too, and she likes to sleep with her feet smashed against the bumper pads. Will she just have to learn not to get her feet stuck between the slats? I am sure she will do this as soon as we take the bumper pads down. Any suggestions?

Priscilla, mom to Laura 09/14/02

02-17-2003, 11:42 PM
We just took the bumpers and the crib mirror out - the crib looks boring but seems safer since my daughter is moving all over the crib. We have tried other hanging things, but she uses them to pull herself around the crib so we got rid of everything!

she sticks her feet in the slats all the time and doesn't seem to mind (if she gets really stuck she lets us know). I am hoping she becomes less squirmy in the crib as she becomes more mobile outside the crib. Good luck!