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02-26-2003, 11:34 AM
Hi all, Our son is almost 9 months old, so we are in the midst of baby-proofing, and that includes our backyard pool. The statistics are really scary. I have come across a unique product that I think may give us the peace of mind we need. It is a net with 4" openings that goes over the pool and is ratcheted tight so that a falling child would never hit the water. It was first used in Africa and then Australia, and is starting to be used in the US. The company claims they have had a perfect no-drowning record for over 30 years. The bonus is you can still see your pool and enjoy the backyard.

Here's the link:

Just wondering if anyone has any direct experience with this net.
We already have a security system and a 6 1/2 foot fence, but gates and doors can be left open mistakenly, and then the unthinkable could happen in an instant.

Any feedback would be appreciated.
Thanks in advance,
Mommy-to-Grant, 06-03-2002

02-27-2003, 12:08 PM
We actually have a katchakid pool net. We have no other fence in the back yard to separate the pool from the rest of the yard. It is very scary to have the responsibility of a pool with a child.

Our back door is childproof (must turn two doorknobs to open it, one at regular level and the other at shoulder level...it can be a pain as you always need to hands to open it, but there's no way the kids can reach it)

Due to the positioning of the pool in our backyard, installing a fence didnt make much sense. I like the pool net as our best alternative. We've had it for about a year and a half. Our son has never taken an interest in the pool with the net on. I think if you have a curious one the idea is that, if they ever got out unattended, that they wouldnt get too far into the pool. The net will support their weight and they will get caught in the netting so will only get perhaps a foot in before they are stuck (like a fly in a spider's web) and will then start crying and screaming for mom and dad (which is exactly what you want)

The disadvantages:
Its only as good as the people operating it...that is, you must put it back on EVERY time you are not using the pool.

At first it was difficult for me to install and remove all by myself..it takes some strength to get it taught. Its much easier amd quicker with two people. (maybe 5 minutes to get it off, 10 minutes to put in on)

We honestly dont remove it much and dont get a great deal of use out of the pool. Im just too paranoid about the kids being around the pool (and i was a lifeguard in college!!)

I definately think its worth considering

02-28-2003, 06:11 PM
Thanks so much for your answer. I was also a lifeguard and swimming instructor....maybe that is why we feel the need to be super cautious. :) Frankly, I was really suprised when I called several pool companies in my area and nobody has even heard of it. We've convinced the people that did our winter Loop-Loc cover to become a dealer. We have several friends with kids in the 0-5 range, so our backyard barbeques have become just a bunch of adults chasing toddlers away from the water. I'm hoping it will help make entertaining a little more enjoyable this summer.
Thanks again,
Mommy-to-Grant, 06-03-2002