View Full Version : Need advice for a gate that will cover slightly over 10 feet

03-10-2003, 09:29 PM
I have been doing my research and only have come up with the kidco elongate with extensions whcih will cover a space over 10 feet.

Are there any other gates that will cover that distance?

Has anyone used the elongate to cover 10 feet or more and what is their opinion of the gate?

What is the best place to buy the gate? It is very expensive and with shipping.......

Thanks for your help. The son just started to crawl yesterday and we are busy looking for gates!


03-10-2003, 09:50 PM
I have not done this personally, but friends of ours have. And these people are EXTREMELY safety conscious, so if there were a problem with it, they would NOT use it. They have a fireplace hearth that extends the whole width of their family room and they have used the gate to span the entire width of the room, maybe 15'??

The gate is very expensive, but I am not aware of anyone besides Kidco who makes such a product. Gates sometimes work and sometimes don't depending on your space. I once spent the better part of a week running back and forth to BRU buying and returning gates to find one that worked. I guess we have found it best to buy gates locally for this reason.


August Mom
03-10-2003, 10:24 PM
I think that the Kid Co. Configure Gate with two extensions also would work. Those are available at BRU. The Configure Gate is $119.99 and 24" extensions are $34.99 each. I'm not sure how its cost compares with the Elongate.

One of my friends recently installed the Elongate in a 10 foot space and is pleased with it. She commented that the gate doesn't open as easily as some and she was not happy about mounting it through her baseboard but that the gate is serving its purpose well and seems very sturdy. She bought it through One Step Ahead.