View Full Version : Rail-Net for stairs?

05-23-2003, 12:05 PM
Has anyone tried the RailNet by Safety First that goes across your banister, so that baby can't get stuck or fall through? We just bought it, but I hate to go through installing it, and screwing into the wooden floor board if it is cheaply made and unsafe.

05-24-2003, 05:08 PM
We have it across our entire upstairs rail and I love it. My son got his head stuck once, and if I never hear that scream again, I'll die happy. He hasn't been able to figure out how to get it off or loosened, and has pretty much given up trying. The mesh holds up well to him poking and prodding it and trying to put toys through it to drop downstairs. I wouldn't trust it to hold his entire body weight if there was enough room for him to get any more than his head stuck, but it certainly prevents injuries and tossed toys.