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11-16-2003, 09:36 PM
I get the sense from other posts that it may be downright impossible to babyproof wiring and cords, outside of gating them off? Our cable TV cord, floor lamp wires and possible the wires hanging from the small surround speakers we plan to wall mount will all be theoretically accessible to him "if" he's interested. Is there something I can buy or do to prevent him from pulling or eating these wires, aside from staying on top of him every second?


11-17-2003, 09:01 AM
I was wondering the exact same thing! I hope someone can help!

11-17-2003, 01:12 PM
the only thing i could think of would be a little ugly -- you could use duct tape or similar to tape them down to a surface, either the floor or the wall. i think they make some tape that can be painted over.

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11-20-2003, 12:04 AM
I ordered a cord cover for this purpose from One Step Ahead. They are available in black or white. You bunch the cords together and then the plastic tube goest over the bunch. I haven't used it yet because I am waiting until my new computer arrives but we are also going to use it for the tv/vcr/dvd/stereo area. HTH!

11-20-2003, 12:14 AM
I saw some wire covers in the cable tv section of Home Depot. Don't know if I can describe them well but I'll try. There were 2 types - tubular or flat. They are very long pieces of plastic, you cut to desired length, and attach to your wall covering the wires. The flat kind holds more than one wire - ~1" wide I think. The tubular kind holds maybe one or two wires. Once you see them, you'll recall seeing them in offices.

Not sure what to do once you reach the baseboard...I think they are meant for offices without baseboards.

(edited to add: my main approach will be blocking the wires from sight with other objects...my sister has also suggested plastic flexible tubing which she uses for rabbit proofing her place)

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11-29-2003, 04:01 PM
I think what you are talking about is Cordmade. I have covered my house with the stuff to keep permanently mounted TV and computer cords off the floor and out of the way. Here's the company web site


You can get this stuff at Home Depot, Lowes, and other similar home improvement warehouse stores. It's not cheap though.

As Helen says, it comes in 3' long tubes that are either flat or round. One side is backed with a powerful adhesive tape so you better be sure it's where you want it before you put it on or you'll tear the paint off pulling it off. The tubes have a slot on the side where you stuff the cord after it is mounted to the wall, then it snaps shut. No way even the most ingenious kid is going to get at the cord when it's in here.

I run mine on the wall along the baseboards. I cordmated all the stereo and TV cords in the living room, the computer cords in the office, and the wall mounted reading lights in my kids rooms.

11-29-2003, 04:11 PM
Following up to my own post, I just looked through the wiremold web site and they have some products such as the cablemate and baseboard organizer that is not stocked at my local Home Depot.


These combined with cordmate sections and the snap-on outlet covers that are made to cover an outlet in use will pretty much baby-proof any permanently mounted electrical cord that runs against a wall. For cords that run across the floor there's not much you can do I suspect other than tape them to the floor with duct tape and try to cover them with rugs.

When my 8 month old girl spots any cord on the floor she'll crawl across the room to reach it and pops it in her mouth to chew on. Obviously having loose cords around does not work in my house.

12-06-2003, 10:32 PM
That's exactly what I was talking about! Thanks for the links...now I just need to find time to put them in. :)

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12-07-2003, 10:38 PM
Thanks for the tip! We've cordmated the living room and problem SOLVED. And it's relatively discreet visually which is a bonus.