View Full Version : babygear.com purchases iBaby.com

07-24-2000, 09:37 PM
Sadly I recently received an email that iVillage is selling their wonderful iBaby.com website with babygear.com aka babyfurniture.com aka americasbaby.com. First of all, it is strange that babygear.com has had three different names in about a year, but now they are merging with what has been a good company (iBaby).

I agree with the other comment about babygear - it sucks, in a word. I ordered a Graco high chair there on sale and with a coupon (yes, it was a GREAT deal and very cheap and free shipping), but they kept stiffing me on one of my discounts, the ordering software was terrible, and after three attempts I finally gave up trying to get the second discount I was entitled to. So buyer beware - something tells me with the publicity of ibaby and iVillage they will only get worse before they get better with the increased volume of traffic. Also, don't hold your breath - the shipping may be free but it's hardly quick compared to other sites.

09-15-2000, 12:41 PM
Could not agree more. Tried to order a Combi Savvy Z stroller for $154.00 - a great price. After three weeks with no order tracking information available and no one able to give me any order status info, I cancelled. Now I'm worried that they won't credit my AMEX bill - which they had no trouble debiting the day I placed the order. Terrible navigational tools, terrible cutomer service. I've ordered from the web for years, and this site is without a doubt the worst. DO NOT ORDER FROM THESE PEOPLE.