View Full Version : Agees horrible bicycle shop and Kool-stride jogging stroller

05-08-2001, 11:07 PM
After much research, we called this web site and asked them to recommend a jogging stroller, given our particular needs. They recommended the Kool-stride deuce which claims it is easy to set up in one minute. After half an hour of struggling with very difficult to discern instructions (which were actually for a different single stroller), we attempted to put it together. I pinched my finger in the ill designed clamp, cutting it and causing a huge bruise. My one year old girls seemed very uncomfortable in the flimsy seats, and cried the whole time they were in it (Something they never do in their regular stroller) I called the website and said we were very disappointed in the stroller they recommended. Jay Coleman (aka the jerk), said they would have never recommended that stroller because none of them like it (then why do they sell it?). Initially he said he would pay half for the stroller to be shipped back to him if I ordered another stroller. He later (probably after talking to a supervisor) said he never said that and that I had misunderstood him. (Like I misunderstool which stroller they recommended) I then had to return the stroller at my cost of $50. They said they would only charge me 1/2 shipping if I were to order the baby jogger from them, not a bargain since on their web site they advertise free shipping for it. He said it was because they had to recoup their original shipping costs for the other stroller. It took him 3 days to respond to my 4 e-mails, because he said he "was not prepared to respond prior to that".They were rude, lying and dishonest. Although their prices are low, other web sites advertise they will beat any price. DO NOT USE THIS WEB SITE- They are horrible.

05-15-2001, 03:01 PM
Sorry to hear about your experience with Agee's. Mine was much more pleasant. I also inquired about a KoolSop stroller but the salesman on the phone recommended a BabyJogger. I ordered and it arrived promptly. I had done extensive research after their recommendation and have been happy with my purchase.

05-18-2001, 06:16 PM
Although I did not order through Agees (after my terrible experience with Traveling Tikes - see a few topics down in the list - I ordered through joggingstrollersforbaby.com, who were terrific), I wanted to speak up in favor of Kool-Stop. While your experience may be different, we are *thrilled* with our Kool-Stride Senior (Alloy wheels). We did *tons* of research, and took all the top-end models for "test rides", and the Kool-Stride was head and shoulders above the rest. Of course, each individual's criteria are different, but it has been a very worthwhile purchase. --Erik Bailey