View Full Version : Hurrah for Galt Toys! (and pooh on BabyCenter/eToys!)

05-25-2001, 03:58 PM
I ordered several things for our twin daughters from Baby Center before it went out of business. Among them, two Pop Up Toys (old fashioned wood toys) made by Galt. One of them did not have all of its pegs/men. Only one of four was in the box. I tried to get in touch with Baby Center but my phone calls were unanswered (rang and rang) and my emails were returned. When I pleaded with Baby Center for some kind of contact information, my request was answered with impersonal, unhelpful drivel. (I know they can't help that they were sold by their parent company that went bankrupt, but their customer service needs a little work.)

So, I finally found Galt's website, sent them an email and received three replacement men all the way from the U.K. within a week. Hurrah!