View Full Version : Don't Buy Buy Baby

09-14-2001, 07:27 PM
My husband and I purchased a Peg Perego Pliko Sherpa stroller from the Buy Buy Baby website and wanted to share our frustration with the experience. The order was placed on the WWW without a problem, but the confirmation sent by e-mail lacked any phone number to call if we had a problem or a question. The website also lacks a centeral number to call with questions or concerns.

The stroller arrived later than predicted but was more frustrating was the fact that they'd shipped the wrong color! Because there was no phone number to call for web-orders, we called the nearest retail store (which was a long-distance phone call). We were told they'd look into the situation and to expect a call later the same day. Two days later (after we never received a call back) we called them again and after a LOT of haggling, we were told that UPS would pick up the stroller and that once they received the stroller at their store in Rockville, MD (closest to us since we live in Baltimore) they'd order the stroller from a store in NY and then they'd ship the stroller to us via Rockville. Although this should resolve the situation, we'll be really suprised if this is all it takes.

Meanwhile, my recommendation would be to steer clear of BBB's website for purchasing unless you're prepared to deal with hassles.