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09-27-2001, 08:15 AM
I also posted this in the Comfort Living thread below.

I would like to know if the Fields think I should just give up.

Last week I tried to order a Combi Ultra Savvy in leopard print from webrx.com (which is the same company as comfortliving.com) .. I put it in my cart, was given the total of $148 including shipping (and using a coupon from flamingoworld.com) and entered in my credit card information.

Then the screen said my cart was empty! I went back, and the stroller was GONE.

I contacted them and they told me that the stroller was gone. So I tried again, this time ordering a Peg Pergo Milano XL for $108 including coupon and shipping. I had doubts about it being an XL since it said it was 1999, but even if it turned out to be a plain Milano, I still wanted it. The next day I received an email saying it was out of stock.

I called their toll free number, and webrx put me through to Comfort Living because they said Comfort Living (CL) knew more about strollers. The CL rep was very nice, and told me that they had laid off everyone except for two people at CL and four people at webrx. She said she thought the company was going out of business.

I explained my problem to her. She checked, and sure enough, the Ultra Savvy stroller in leopard appeared to still be available. She said they probably listed the price wrong and then took it out of my cart when the error was caught. She agreed to give it to me at the price I had been quoted instead of the current price of $260.

I called two days later and she said that the stroller was not available in leopard, only in some other fabrics. I requested desert sky, and she said it should be shipping the next day (Wednesday). I called on Wednesday for a tracking number and she told me that it won't actually go out until next Monday because they have switched from UPS to Airborne.

What do you think... does this sound like a run around or are they trying to work with me? I am nine months pregnant and don't have time to fool around.

09-27-2001, 09:14 PM
Well, I think you may want to give up---I guess you could give them another week or so to see if the stroller shows up. And make sure they did NOT charge your credit card in case they didn't ship it.

I think I would take the hint---if a company's CR rep says they are going out of business, I wouldn't place the order. I realize the price was attractive, but given the unstable nature of the company, the hassle might be more than any savings.

Just our 2,
Alan & Denise Fields, Authors

10-06-2001, 07:15 PM
Just a note to let you know that Comfort Living came through... I got the new Ultra Savvy, although I got it nine days after it shipped and they could not find it for a while. I was tremendously relieved...

I hope my other orders with webrx show up as well.