View Full Version : Avoid childsafetysolutions.com

06-10-2002, 06:10 PM
Child Safety Solutions located in Brooklyn, NY offers some good products on their web site however, if you have a problem or a return forget fixing or returning the problem.
I ordered a faucet protector from them online and received a different item then asked for. They even changed my shipping receipt to reflect the wrong item as being what was originally ordered. Good thing I kept my original receipt. I then tried to call their long distance number (no 1-800 number available), left messages (no one ever answers the phone), and emailed them all several times. I was never called or emailed back. According to their return policy you must acquire an RMA number from them to return any item for your money back within 7 days of receipt or exchange within 30 days. Problem is they never answer your requests for the RMA number and you are stuck with the item. A very unethical business practice at best. Now, I have found the items they offer at better websites like babystyle.com for the same price and with better customer service. So use the site only as a reference to see what is offered and then purchase the item elsewhere otherwise buyer beware!