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11-13-2002, 03:06 PM
I just wanted to share with other readers that I've recently contacted Baby Catalog of America's customer service on two occasions, both times I was extremely disappointed. I found out about this online store from Denise and Alan's book. I have purchased several items from them, have recommended them to friends, and have been a loyal customer. However due to these two negative instances I refuse patronize this online store any longer. Here are details of my negative experiences with this store:
1. I spoke with a manager who is extremely inflexible and rude. They have a very strict return policy and refused to accept an item from me (I never even opened the item). Their return policy is not stated anywhere on the invoice. You actually have to call them to ask for a return authorization number. This system is completely unfriendly to customers.
2. They also have a horrible billing system. I placed an order on a Monday, received an email on Friday saying that my credit card was not accepted. I called them on the following Monday, insisted that they try again and it went through without any problem. THis glitch in their system caused my order to be delayed by two weeks.

I refuse to order any items from them. I prefer to give my business to a company that appreciates its customers and really works for customer satisfaction. Has anyone had similar experiences with them?

11-13-2002, 04:44 PM
I have had no problems with them. Their return policy is a little strict (30 days, authorization required), but I just keep that in mind when I order something. I believe that it is stated many places, included on the website, so I don't think that they are hiding the return policy.

As for the credit card problem, I don't know what to tell you. I normally receive my orders within 4-5 days of placing them, so I'm not sure why it took 5 days for you to receive an e-mail about your credit card.

I'm sorry that you've had such a hard time with them.

11-14-2002, 12:22 PM
A while ago we had a bad experience with them. We ordered two items, a Roundabout and a baby gate. The roundabout came with no problem in an unopened box, but the gate's box looked like it had been through a war and was fixed up with masking tape. I immediately took the gate out of the box. The gate was broken and had definitely been used. It was in terrible condition. We wanted to get it exchanged, but it turned out they were now out of stock. Obviously, when we ordered they were already out of stock and decided to send us a damaged, returned item rather than lose a sale. Then we tried to return it and the woman kept saying they would get it picked up by UPS. The package sat on our front porch for four weeks! DH finally threatened to send it back to them registered mail and then dispute the charge with our credit card. The item got picked up the next day. Worse yet, the rep. actually had the nerve to tell UPS that the item was damaged in transit so that UPS covered the cost instead of Baby Catalog! And they never sent any kind of packing slip with either item. That being said, I just ordered something from them yesterday because they were the only ones with the item in stock. I am hoping and praying that I get it next week like they said I would.

11-18-2002, 06:56 PM
I live close by to the Baby Catalog's outlet store, and all I have to say is that if you saw these people in action, then you'd understand what the deal is... it's a real hole in the wall store and all of the employees (most of whom do not seem very well versed -- or even interested -- in things for babies)are on the phone nonchalantly taking orders from people across the country... you could be standing waiting to pay for an item, and the person who is supposedly checking you out picks up the phone and gets into this LONG conversation with someone from across the country who wants a Baby Bjorn... and ignores you completely while they're talking...it's sort of annoying to actually shop there. In the past, I've asked the staff what I consider pretty basic questions about items they carry and I've gotten blank stares in return. So, you can probably envision what the place is like.

That being said, they do have really good prices, so if you can put up with their nonsense, then it's a pretty good deal.