View Full Version : good experience with Babies R Us returns

02-11-2003, 06:00 PM
I read a lot of bad things about BRU and especially their website with Amazon.com. But we have had nothing but great service and great experiences with BRU. Our local store has taken back everything we return, with or without a receipt, whether we received it from online or not ... in fact since they don't require a receipt, they don't know if it was even purchased from BRU! If they stock it, they will accept the returned item. We received several duplicates both from local stores & the website and have been able to return all of them for BRU credit.

Also, the clerks at our local store have been very helpful. The clerk who demo'd the car seat we bought was really great. Another clerk at the customer service counter called around to try to confirm a lower price on an item I'd seen at another store. They will price-match if you can prove another store offers the exact same item at a lower price. Also, if you don't have a coupon with you when you buy something, you can bring in your receipt with the coupon later and they will give you credit. And they let us use 2 coupons when we bought an expensive item.

So, knock on wood, so far nothing but great service from BRU in my experience.


02-11-2003, 06:09 PM
One particular problem that folks have noticed is that the website sells things that the store doesn't. So if you get that item as a gift and try to return it to a local BRU, they won't take it back. But I agree with you about local BRU stores. They are great about taking things back. But of course, I have never actually walked in that store to return something without buying something else while I was there. They have a good return policy for a reason. :)