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04-02-2003, 11:43 PM
Based on Neve's recommendation, I ordered 3 AIOs from Laura at JustinsButtons.com. I know that Neve did not order from her, but I did and I wasn't too happy with the experience. I wouldn't recommend ordering from her for two reasons: (1) poor communication/information and (2) poor quality of the finished products. The lagged turnaround time didn't help either.

I got my dipes about 4 weeks after I placed the order and had to e-mail Laura twice to remind her. She is a WAHM so I was OK with her explanation (no time for sewing) after I e-mailed her the first time. She assured me in her e-mail that she'd put them in the mail the following Monday and I'd get them the following Wednesday. When I hadn't received them 12 days later, I e-mailed her again. She told me that she had shipped them that Monday (10 days later), as she said she would in her original e-mail. So not only was she 12 days later than she said she would be, she also tried to make it look like I misread the dates. And then she didn't even bother to tell me that they had shipped.

I got my dipes last Friday and I was unimpressed with the quality. The stitching on the velcro two flannel-outer AIOs is uneven and shoddy; I did a better zig-zag stitch on my first day of sewing class. And despite the claims on her web site, I find I need a cover with these "all-in-ones." I also ordered a PUL-outer AIO and one of the snaps on the left side doesn't work.

HTH someone.

04-03-2003, 05:35 PM
Thanks for the warning Caroline. Is there any way she'll take the diapers back if you complain about the quality? Sorry you had such a bad experience!

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04-07-2003, 03:56 PM
...if I did I shouldn't have and apologize because I never tried them...but sure did love those prints!!! and her web site did seem so custom-custom-custom....

One of the posters here told me about them (yet couldn't vouch for them) and thank god funds were not set aside for diapers or I too would have ordered a few...but the poster got hers and emailed me that they were not "really" what she had ordered soemthing was messed up on them I fogot what. Her baby is not here yet to have tried them out on...
I did find it very strange that there was no reviews on them anywhere. for a diaper that seemed so custom made you'd think there would have been fans!!!

I am so sorry that the quality was not good, and thank you for posting so because I have secretly wanted some of those diapers in the prints she has, she really had some adorable prints (guess i got to stop going by how cute they are)...:(...

Anyway sorry to hear about that and thanks for sharing...