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05-31-2003, 05:04 PM
I have to post my complaints with babycenter.com after having problems receiving orders from them, not once, but twice!

The first time I ordered from them, I took advantage of sales they were having. They charged my card, supposedly shipped my order, but did not provide any tracking information. I waited two weeks and when I finally called them, they said that the order had been shipped UPS, but the tracking number 'misplaced' in their system. They said it was probably going to arrive any day. Well, two days later I see my order status as 'returned' on their website. I can again and they claim I denied delivery of the package that never had tracking information, and charge me the shipping costs. I had to get a supervisor on the phone to credit the shipping charges for this package, and went through a big hassle to reorder the products I wanted at the prices I had orignally ordered them for (the sale was over).

So, several months later, I decide to give them another chance (BIG MISTAKE). I place an order with them and it ships without tracking information again. After ten days from the shipping notification, I call and am informed that the package was sent via USPS. The rep says he will look up the status in their tracking system, and claims there is a zip code issue (even though I provided them the correct zip code). He says it should be at my home any day now, and refuses to give me the tracking number he used to get the information. I call my post office and they cannot help me without the tracking information. I wait two more days and now it is the weekend and still no package. I can't get in touch with them to inquire about my order until Monday.

I am a big internet shopper and have never had problems receiving packages from lots of other e-commerce sites at my home. I have to give babycenter a big thumbs down.

05-31-2003, 10:10 PM
I'd just like to add another comment on Babycenter's customer service - it is only available Monday through Friday during regular business hours. I placed an order last Saturday and right after I sent it I realized that I needed to make a change (admitedly, my own mistake). I called first thing Monday morning, but the customer service department was closed for Memorial Day. I called first thing Tuesday morning and spent a half hour on hold before I finally gave up. When I finally got through to someone on Tuesday afternoon they said that my order was already being processed, so I couldn't change it. Arrgh!!! FYI - kidsurplus.com has even better prices than Babycenter, although the selection isn't as broad.

August Mom
05-31-2003, 11:44 PM
Well, I have had a pleasant experience with babycenter.com. My order was processed correctly, without any problems and arrived as promised. It also was packed very well -- much better than it needed to be for what I ordered. However, I just placed another order there today (5/31) (before reading this thread) and hope that it turns out okay. If not, I'll let you know.

Just wanted to update to let you know that my order arrived today (6/9) in good condition and as ordered. I would order from babycenter.com again.

06-02-2003, 06:32 PM
I have had a couple of issues with Babycenter also. I ordered an Arm's Reach on Easter Sunday at night, and then that night realized I had ordered the wrong kind (I need the Universal not the Original). I called first thing Monday morning (and waited for about HALF AN HOUR on hold) thinking that of course they could stop the shipment because I'm sure nothing was done Sunday night. They said, "No, the order already went to our distributor. We can't stop it. Just refuse the order when it arrives."
Well, FedEx came when I wasn't there and just left the thing on my front porch. (Which I realize is probably FedEx's fault, but Babycenter should have some agreement with them not to leave things on a porch where they could get stolen and where the customer might want to refuse the delivery).
So I called Babycenter again, on hold for about 20 MINUTES, and explained that I couldn't refuse delivery. They said they would send FedEx out again within a week. 10 days went by, they never showed. I called again, and Babycenter said we will send out another request. Finally FedEx picked it up.
But then I got my credit card statement and saw that I had been refunded only the cost for the Arm's Reach minus the shipping. So I had to call Babycenter again. The rep told me they don't refund shipping. What?? I wasn't told that when I first called to return the item. I was about to launch into the whole story about how I didn't have the chance to refuse delivery, when the rep said "OK, we don't usually do this, but I'll give you credit for the shipping."
So I hope it will show up on my next bill.

Overall, I'm a bit reluctant to try Babycenter again but they do have great bargains with coupon codes, and some of the fault for the problem is with FedEx I think. So if they refund my shipping as promised, I will try them again.

06-03-2003, 08:20 AM
I've had mostly good success with them. I recently placed an order with a 15% coupon for >$100 and the first screen offered me free shipping as well. I luckily printed the order screen as the order did not go through and I had to reenter it, this time not being offered the free shipping. I contacted babycenter and they said I couldn't use two coupon codes (15% off and free shipping) at the same time. I explained that I never tried to use two but that the order form just offered me free shipping. I faxed them the copy of the order form and they reimbursed me the shipping. Not terribly friendly about it, but I got what I wanted.

I like email for customer service, just because it provides documentation of when you contacted them and what was discussed. Maybe try email and calling?

trying-to-conceive :)

August Mom
06-03-2003, 03:16 PM
I had the same thing happen to me but didn't print the screen with the free shipping. :(

06-03-2003, 05:03 PM
Hi - just wanted to say that I have made a couple of orders from babycenter.com (including a PNP and mattress) and have not had any problems. When I called about its price drop policy since prices went down, I got through to customer service right away and the rep offered me a 15% coupon - he said that price drop was not customer service dept and would take a long to go through the channels. Since the price drop was not a lot of money, I took the 15% off coupon and just got the last order yesterday.

06-07-2003, 06:52 AM
Thanks for the advice everyone! I had e-mailed them and they told me to call their number. :) So, on Monday, I did get a friendly rep on the phone who acknowledged a post office error and resent almost everything via FedEx express shipping. I am only waiting for one item that couldn't go express shipping. They gave me a small discount (approx 5%) when I reordered, too, which was nice.

Maybe this last problem was post office related...I might just have bad luck when it comes to babycenter shipments!

06-09-2003, 09:27 PM
I just wanted to say that I've been very happy with babycenter and their customer service. First, my orders have always been shipped immediately. Second, it was easy to take advantage of their policy about refunding the difference if a price on their product drops within 2 weeks (I think it's 2, may be 3) after you purchased it from them. This happened with a car seat I purchased. I contacted them and was told to fax them a printout showing the item at the discounted price along with my order number, etc. I received the price difference ($9) credited to my card the next month. Third, once I was unhappy because I ordered a Carter's waterproof set that came with two lap pads, a longer crib pad, and a mattress cover. The mattress cover didn't fit my mattress so I called to complain because I didn't want to pay the shipping price to return the item. (I had gotten free shipping when they sent it to me.) After complaining for a minute, the customer service guy told me to keep the entire set and they'd refund the whole amount. Sure enough, I did end up getting the full credit on my card the next month, just as he said. Can't beat that!

So, I definitely will keep buying from them and strongly recommend taking advantage of their customer service--even if you have to complain a little bit. Also, just a side note about the previous post regarding rejecting a package from FedEx. I had to do this once but with a different company (not babycenter). I knew I wasn't going to be home when UPS came, so I just left a note on my door for a few days instructing them to NOT leave the package and return it to sender. That note worked...just a tip in case you have to do that in the future. (My guess is it would work with FedEx too.)

06-14-2003, 11:03 PM
I should have left a note on the door, definitely..

Also to followup on my previous post..Babycenter did give me credit for shipping on my Arm's Reach. I went ahead and placed another order for the Eurotub (best price I could find online for it--$25 plus $8 oversize shipping, but I had a coupon for 15% off my whole order, whereas I think BRU wants $25 plus $15 shipping) plus some other items (Arm's Reach sheets, filters for Odor Eliminator that are specially for diapers) and it came quickly with no problems. So overall I would recommend them...