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08-11-2003, 09:20 PM
Despite the review of PALI cribs in the Baby Bargains book, which at the time I read mine was two years old, I purchased a PALI Renoir Crib from the Cloud Nine Sleep Shop website. The crib arrived within 1 week of placing my order but had a crack in the footboard. A crack severe enough to prevent the side rail from moving up and down. Not to mention that it was hazardous enough as it was.

The crib arrived in mid-May. We immediately called for a replacement footboard and were told a new one was on it's way...by container carrier. 12 weeks later, the container arrives with NO FOOTBOARD. No heads up that it wasn't coming either. Nothing. I now have an a 12 pound little one without a crib! Oh my!

The Cloud Nine shop has been very nice but can not help us. They claimed that the factory has not been accommodating to their requests for an update as to why this order was not processed. Being a take-charge kind of person, I called the manufacturer's rep today. A man named Jim Leavitt in Texas. What a JERK. He does not want to help and claims that as the rep he is not in charge of what they make or don't make so not to blame my problems on him. Then, he hung up on me when I asked who else to discuss this with.

On whom then should we blame this ridiculous circumstance? Perhaps myself for not realizing that this company has not turned itself around in the past two years.

Beware of PALI products and their service. Shop at your own risk.

PS - two stores here in my home town have dropped PALI in the past year or so because of these kinds of issues.

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Cribless parents of 14-week-old Gabriel