View Full Version : Thumbs down on OneStepAhead- Customer Service hung up on me to boot

10-08-2003, 01:11 PM
Hi All,

Just a heads up and an addendum to the posts below on OneStepAhead.com complaints. I ordered a front carrier on Sept 17th and checked on the order two weeks later, because there was no email from the company. They told me October 7th. That has now changed to October 24th.

Did I mention that the item was in stock when I purchased the carrier? A woman from customer service keeps telling me, "We don't guarentee a delivery date when an order is out of stock." Hello, the item was in stock when I ordered the carrier. So now my husband called first and talked to a manager who would not agree to a discount, so we could buy a more expensive carrier. I also asked about them covering a faster shipping, but no go. There is nothing they could or would do period, end of story.

Now the woman will not let me talk to the manager, even though the order was mine and on my credit card. She said that I had talked to the highest person that I was going to talk to and that other customers were waiting on hold. I kept asking to talk to the manager and she hung up on me.

Hello OneStep, I spent over a $115 with you and you could generate an email to tell me what is going on? So much for having a carrier on vacation next week!

I give OneStepAhead a zero in the customer service department and never plan to shop there again. That is a shame, because I really like their catalog.