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03-04-2002, 11:03 AM
First off, I live in the States and was very pleased with the customer service I received on my online order. I've been lurking on this board since the beginning of the year and got the website from here even! But, after this experience that a Canadian mom on had at their in-house store on March 2, I felt I had to share this as a warning:

"I am still in shock!! Today my dh and I went crib shopping. We drove over an hour to London (ON) to look at a specific store. It was amazing. It had everything under one roof and the prices were great! We finally found the crib of our dreams (and a change table and glider w/ ottoman!) and we were ready to sign the papers WHEN......

There was a customer who came in and was waiting for her stroller to be given to her. She had brought it in to be fixed cause a part had broken. This stroller cost her over $500! The clerk was giving her a hard time about it and she was waiting while they chekced etc for over half and hour. Well, it sort of escalated before out eyes. The man told her that she did not bring the seat in with her stroller when she left it to be fixed a while back. She said yes she did. They checked and re-checked and searched and the guy told her "We don't have it, it's not here, you must still have it at home". She was very polite and said "Sir, I brought it with the stroller I do NOT have it at home." He told her that she was gonna "feel pretty stupid when you get home and find the seat there"!!! She got upset and insisted that she didn't have the seat. Then the guy got angrier! He started asking if she was calling him a liar and did she think they stole it? The lady said "I am getting really annoyed, I have spent a lot of money in this store and this is the way I get treated??"

OKAY, this is the part I absolutely cannot believe! Keep in mind this was a nice store full of customers looking at BABY stuff! The lady customer was a very sweet looking mother who had a baby with her. The man raised his voice and said "We don't need customers like you, you know what your problem is? You are a RUDE, IGNORANT B***H"!!!!!!!

Just like that in front of everyone!! My dh and I heard this from across the store!! Everyone kinda stopped dead and watched in shock! The lady looked like she had been slapped and asked to speak to the owner. The guy said "I am the owner"!!!! The lady started to cry and left the store and my dh and I walked out after her. There were also a few others that left in a hurry. We saw the lady in the parking lot crying her eyes out as she got into her car. We went to her and told her "If it makes you feel any better we will never spend a cent in this store and they just lost hundreds of dollars in sales to us". She told us that she has been a customer for over a year, she had bought her stroller from them and over $4000 in baby and kids furniture!!!!!"

After the board responded in outrage, she shared:
"Okay, well I wasn't going to post the name of the store on the boards, but I guess since we're all in agreement that the guy is a jerk....!! It's called "The Baby Furniture Outlet Store" on Adelaide St in London. Can you believe their busniess card actually says at the bottom: "Where friendly service makes a difference" !!! Is that a joke!?"

I wish I had ordered from Goodnight Ben instead if that really was the owner of the store!!

01-08-2003, 08:19 PM