View Full Version : Canadian merchants shipping furniture to US?

01-09-2003, 07:17 AM
I've located a few web sites for Canadian merchants that ship Morigeau-Lepine furniture to the US. Does anyone have experience with these -- or any others?

Baby & Children's Furniture Depot http://www.babychildrenfurnituredepot.com/

Nursery Rhymes http://www.nurseryrhymes.com/

Baby Furniture Outlet http://www.babyfurnitureoutlet.com/


01-10-2003, 03:29 PM
I live in Canada, and have never mail-ordered from any of these three merchants, but I have been in the Nursery Rhymes store. It's a well-established business, not as big as BRU, but big, well-organized and with a broad range of items. The staff were pleasant and knowledgeable.

I realize this doesn't guarantee a good on-line experience, but maybe it helps to know that they're an established business that's been around for a while, and not some guy in a basement somewhere!




02-20-2003, 04:19 PM
I ordered my Dutailier glider and Morigeau furniture from Good Night Ben and had it delivered. I originally ordered my Morigeau furniture at a local store that went out of business without contacting me. I had 2 months until my due date. They provided me with a loaner dresser since the one I ordered was damaged in transit to their store. My ordered piece delivered the day I gave birth! I am very pleased with their service. They promptly returned phone calls, and I plan to order from them for additional furniture in the future.:)

04-17-2003, 06:59 AM
Thanks to all who replied. Just wanted to let all of you know about my experience.

It seems that Canadian merchants are more and more hesitant to ship certain items to the U.S. Of the ones I mentioned, I was successful in getting a quote only from Allan at Baby & Children's Furniture Depot. But even then, I could only get a total, no breakdown of how much each piece cost. So it was tough to pick and choose which pieces I wanted without knowing their individual prices. (I'd have been better off getting a price quote from a local merchant so I would have known what the "list" prices of each were.)

By emailing others in this forum, I was able to find some who'd had good experience with Baby & Children's Furniture Depot, but I still was a bit uncomfortable without a detailed price quote. So I ended up ordering the Morigeau Lepine furniture from El Bambi in NJ (www.elbambi.com). They were very responsive, and my furniture arrived in just 3 weeks rather than the 8 or more that I expected! They charged the same list prices as the merchants in my area. And I didn't benefit from the favorable Canadian exchange rate, but I did save on taxes (because it's an internet order) and shipping. One note: I believe that El Bambi limits their deliveries to the Northeast -- I'm in RI and probably in the outer limits of that area.

I did order a glider and ottoman from Canada -- www.rockingchairoutlet.com. Excellent service, and, again, no taxes or shipping charges! (Even though they wouldn't ship the Morigeau Lepine furniture to the U.S., they did help me choose a Dutalier color that matched the color of the furniture I ordered from El Bambi. And it's a perfect match!) This delivery only took maybe a week longer than my furniture did.

This all took a fair amount of time to research, but, in the end, we received quality furniture at a very good price.