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01-16-2004, 05:42 PM
Hope some of you can help me. I find myself just 2 wks away from my due date and no crib!! To make a long story short, the crib I had ordered from AP Industries is delayed in production and isn't expected to make it before end of Feb. I have decided to look into other crib options, but have to find something that matches the other piece I already have, which is in a cognac finish.

I have found 2 cribs that I am considering (based mainly on availability and matching my other pieces). Both are made by StorkCraft. One is the Portofino Stages crib and the other is the Cynthia stages crib.

The crib I originally ordered is very high end, high quality... we are concerned about the apparent "flimsiness" of many of the cribs out there. Do any of you have any experience with either of these 2 cribs? Are they sturdy? Have you had any problems with either of them? Would appreciate any feedback, good or bad, asap as I need to get moving on this! Thanks!

PS. We do have a bassinet for baby, but I really want the crib asap so I can finish setting up the nursery.

01-16-2004, 07:03 PM
Storkcraft is okay and safe to use, but it's not AP quality. If you really want the AP crib, then hold on and just persevere for a few weeks until it's done and use the bassinet or cradle at the beginning.

In fact, I like the cradle up to about 3 months (for my kids) or until they get too long or big for the cradle.

pamela mom of 3
01-16-2004, 07:15 PM
i agree it is important to have a good quality/sturdy crib even more so if you hope to put more than one child through it.

I have also noticed that the cheaper cribs have a board for mattress support instead of springs.

I had a little folks and a childcraft legacy crib for my kiddo's ;)