View Full Version : MBUS on clearance in Calgary (and Kiwi E3 available too)

08-13-2004, 11:59 AM
Hi All,

I was just at E-Children (Macleod and 71st Ave S) last night and to my disappointment (because I just bought a Bebecar Tracker), they were clearing out their Mountain Buggies. The Urban Singles were marked down to $399 (CDN) and the car seat adapters were about $50. They had one of every colour (red, orange, olive, navy and 2 black). They sold out of their doubles just a few days before. Sadly, they told me they weren't carrying the MBs anymore - not enough room on the floor (which is irritating, because they obviously had enough room for 10 Gracos and 10 Pegs).

Additionally, they just got in the Kiwi E3. It was $549 for the stroller and $129 for the doubles kit. They also had cocoons for $79 and travel bags for $89. I didn't see any pannier bags.

They had Bugaboos as well. The red one was $1099 and the denim was $1299!!!

Their number is 403-258-2332. The lady I spoke with yesterday seemed very knowledgeable and helpful. She has an MB herself, so she comiserated with me on my inability to purchase one!

08-13-2004, 02:40 PM
Thanks. What a great deal! Another good stroller to consider, lol. I already have an x-fold and a Y2K... I don't think my DH will be too happy to here about this.


08-13-2004, 05:40 PM

Where, oh where did you get a Y2K? Are you in Calgary? I tried in vain to get a Y2K (and had 2 US friends trying to get me one).I ended up getting the last Bebecar Tracker AT in the city; I have the Unibig (predecessor of the X-fold) - and love it dearly. We seem to have similar tastes!

08-13-2004, 10:27 PM

I am in Vancouver. I got my Y2K from this web site:
What they have now are Y2K/2. When I got mine (a couple of months ago), they had only the Y2K/M ($199.99). Y2K/2 is forward facing only and the Y2K/M has a reversible seat. I think they told me that they would ship to Canada if I wanted them to. But I ended up using their free shipping and had it shipped to a postal service place just across the border. My DH and I drove down and picked it up. We ended up paying tax and duty, but still thought it was still a great deal. It actually ended up to be cheaper than my x-fold!!! Their customer service is pretty good. Another stroller for you to consider... (I obviously couldn't resist the good deal!)

Oh, I am so glad to know someone else up here is a stroller lover too :)


08-14-2004, 11:27 PM
Will they/can they ship to the U.S.?

How does the price of a mbus convert to US dollars?