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09-10-2004, 02:14 PM
I have to get a combo booster seat to replace a Triumph car seat that's not legal to use in Canada, but I'm not sure what to get.

My options are:
Eddie Bauer Combo Child Restraing System/High Back Booster
Cosco Summit
Evenflo Vision
Evenflo Chase

These are all available at www.toysrus.ca in their babiesrus section.

DS is 8 mos and already 21 lbs, so by his 1yr bday he'll be plenty big enough for forward facing, but I'd still like a seat that has a recline option, which I think only the Cosco Summit has...

Does anyone have any opinions on these?


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09-10-2004, 05:58 PM
Just MHO, but I donít think combination seats are the best choice for a one year old. They usually donít offer the best side support for sleeping and I found a few of them really hard to adjust on kids at the lower end of the weight range. And of course I believe in extending rf beyond one year of age, so I would prefer a seat that could be used rf to at least 30lbs. Again that is just *my* opinion.

Of the seats on your list, I would really only look at the Evenflo models. BTW, they are the same seat, just different covers. The Chase has better padding. They have tall top slots at about 17Ē, where the other ones are around 15Ē or less. The Evenflo seats also have the added bonus of a higher rated harness. It can be used to 47lbs. I have an older version called the Express. It has been a nice seat the last few years. It is easy to install, easy to use and I havenít had any problems with harness being twisty. BUT, I found it very difficult to adjust on all three of my kids until they are 25lbs or more. It sits rather straight and can uncomfortable in some vehicles. In fact, my 5yoís head still flops forward when she naps.

Have you looked at www.sears.ca ? They have several models of the Graco CarGo online. Only look at the Ultra and Platinum models though. They have the all important front adjuster and recline bar. They also have 17Ē top slots and a higher harness weight Ė this time itís 48lbs. They also have thicker polyester straps that are less prone to twisting and deeper wings for sleep support. I think it is a narrower seat as well, which may help if you vehicle is smaller or you have to get more than one seat back there.

Anyway, make sure whatever you choose fits the child well and fits correctly in your vehicle. Donít forget that these seats MUST be tethered at all times if the harness is being used beyond 40lbs.

09-10-2004, 11:43 PM
I agree with the PP -- I plan to keep DD rear facing as long as possible in both her Britax Marathon and Graco ComfortSport. DD is a large baby, 16.5 lbs at her 4m appt, but RF is safer IMHO.

I would go with a convertible seat with higher strap slots and use it RF as long as possible, then forward facing until the weight limit is reached. Then I would get a booster seat. They are really reasonable (the Graco Turbo Booster is highly recommended by the Fields and only about $80 Cdn).

Just my opinion, though.

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09-11-2004, 03:12 AM
Another who agrees with maybe going with a convertible over a combo. Since you're in Vancouver, we do have plenty of other choices than what is on tru.ca. Seat wise and store wise.

An example, the Toysrus in Coquitlam has the Britax Marathon, that's not on their site. Just down the street is It's A Baby's World. http://www.itsababysworld.com/ I haven't been there in ages, but they do have wonderful service and great products. Of course TJ's is in a number of places (Surrey, Richmond, Abbotsford) There's also Crocodile in Kitsilano. Even my Canadian Tire has the Graco Ultra Cargo.

Though your ds is 21lbs, he could slow down. My nephew hit 19lbs around 7 months and didn't hit 22lbs until 15 months (22lbs was the rear facing limit on his old seat - he now has a Marathon.)

Out of all the combo seats out there, my pick is the Graco Ultra Cargo (or Platinum Cargo - same seat, different fabric.) They're available almost anywhere, just don't get the Treasured Cargo (they have a harness adjuster in the back.)

I'm starting to keep my eye on combo seats these days as my nephew Jay is getting close to the top slots in his Fisher Price seat in my car. (Unfortunately Fisher Price doesn't make seats anymore. boo hoo) I have see that Graco is just coming out with EPS foam in their Cargo's. They've just been released in the States, and I plan to get one of these improved Cargo's when they arrive. Making sure if really fits my nephew and my car first of course.


09-11-2004, 11:19 AM
I've heard that TJs has a new store in Kitsilano, on 4th Ave. Haven't been there myself yet, but they have a good selection of car seats at their other stores.

FYI, if you are looking for a Britax Marathon, both Crocodile and Baby's World have HUGE waiting lists. BUT TJs has NO waiting list. I just got one there last week, with a manufacture date of August 31, 2004 (you want to look for a manufacture date post July 23, 2004, which is the recall date on the strap adjuster).


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pamela mom of 3
09-12-2004, 10:15 PM
As someone who years ago tried a "combo" with a younger child i'd put it off as long as possible honestly ;) We had a next step by century for our eldest and despite having a recline option, it just still didn't offer the sleeping comfort of the convertible....we gave up a few weeks later and went back to a convertible.

Anyhow my "baby" is in a marathon, even now i wouldn't want to move him to a "combo" and he's 4 this Jan. Plus their are always new seats coming out by the time your little one requires a booster you may find better options ;)

good luck! :)

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