View Full Version : Maternity/Nursing Bras (not Bravado) in Canada

10-05-2004, 01:45 PM
Help!! I can't find anyting that fits right in the bra department and I can not stand Bravados. I had one last pregnancy and felt extremely uncomfortable and extremely unattractive in it. Does anyone in Canada carry a better selection of bras? I tried the ones at Thyme and they were alright, but not great (and very pricey). The Bay and Sears were okay for nursing bras, but I am not quite ready for them (I am only 19weeks). There is also an online store that has free shipping to Canadfa www.breakoutbras.com but I will still end up paying duty, etc. on whatever I purchase (and if it doesn't fit, the return shipping is pricey).

Is anyone aware of online or B&M retailers that have a decent selection of bras that are supportive? I am not very big, but have a wide ribcage (my size is somewhere between a 38-40 B/C).

Thanks so much,

02-03-2005, 11:45 PM
Emma-Jane Bras are great....
bo bebe 1-877-7BO-BEBE for across Canada..