View Full Version : Fixing an Older Maclaren Hood in Toronto - will Macklems do it?

11-04-2004, 12:27 PM
We will be visiting Toronto next week and I am trying to figure out if it's worth bringing my broken hood from my Maclaren Concorde (in Citrus) to Macklems. I know this is an older style hood and I am not sure if they can fix it for me - the plastic in the front of the hood broke last year so the hood is askew. As a result the rivet for the plastic arm that keeps the hood open/closed has popped out of its hole as well. The catch is that I am not bringing DS and we are not staying anywhere near Macklems (although it is close to a train station, I recall). I would have to make a special trip to Macklems, and I would have to bring the hood with me especially for this purpose (I am not taking a stroller, obviously). Lastly, I am not sure how long it takes to fix a hood - would they ship it back to me or will I have to pick it up?

Okay, anyone that has had experience with Macklems' repair department, please let me know what I should do.


11-04-2004, 12:42 PM
I've had experience w/macklems fixing an older mac i had to have my 2000 techno hood repaired since i broke a band in it..wasn't all that expensive too do, $20 i think but i did have to leave it there picked it up a week later.

Why not call them & get an idea on how long, cost and whether they can ship it back to you ;)


11-04-2004, 01:23 PM
I sent my Mac hood to them back in the summer on the recommendation of Pamela. I bought my 2000 Vogue used and found out after purchasing it that the hood was broken. The front band was completely broken off by both bars where you open/close the hood, with a huge rip in the fabric around this band.

Overall my Macklems experience worked out well. Turns out I got a brand new hood back, something I didn't expect. The downside was that it was expensive.

I spent $13 shipping it to them and called after three weeks as I had heard nothing. Was told to send $80, the $60 was suppose to cover the hood/repair work, the $20 for shipping and insurance. I found the price very high, but since the rest of the stroller was in fine condition I figured I should just get it fixed. Although in the first phone call I was told I could pay with my Visa through a fax, but when time came they said they only would take a money order. I did receive the hood 6 weeks after I had sent it, expressed over night (not something that I wanted or needed done).

I am happy with the work (well lack of work really, it's the good fortune of new hood) but the hood cost more than the whole stroller! I paid $65 from craigslist - not the bargain I had thought it once was. However the stroller just survived a trip to NYC with daily abuse and worked great. Amazingly the airline didn't trash it either way! (yay Cathay Pacific!)

There you go, my experience. I agree, give a call and see what they say.