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05-31-2005, 12:15 AM
Hi! This is my 1st time posting..I've read so much about double strollers (and now very dizzy and cross eyed)..but thought someone would be able to help me on my search. My 2 boys are 18 mos apart (2yr and 6 mos). I'm looking for a SBS..I've looked at PP Aria and saw some not so good reviews which is really good to know. I'm looking for one that is easy to maneuver (parks/malls/doctors ofc/beach..etc), easy to fold, not too heavy (I'm not superwoman:-)), fits through std doorways and something that would be comfy for my angels. I don't even mind jogging strollers. My search has led me to these strollers: Tike Tech Double Trouble, Phil and Ted's E3 double, RR double, PP Aria (but after reading the reviews about uneven steering..i'd probably take it off my list). If anyone has any suggestions or own those joggers/strollers..i'd really appreciate your feedback.



05-31-2005, 07:24 AM
I've only pushed the e3 around a crowded baby store and I really liked it. It's not as big as you'd think it is and I didn't clip the rear seat at all. I'm not tall, but I have short arms and stand pretty close to the back of a stroller. I have to say if I had siblings, instead of twins, this would've been the double for me. I really, really like how you can switch between double and single mode to suit your needs.

I have a single Aria and like it well enough as second stroller for indoor use. I don't care for it as an all around stroller as it does really poorly outside. The Twin Aria has much of the same quirks as the single, so I dropped it from my list. It is also a bit wide for my comfort level. Both for standard doorways and in fold. Even the single Aria is a bit wide for cargo space in a couple of our vehicles. Both do take two hands to fold, but it is pretty simple to do it.


I have an Inglesina Twin Swift for my twins. I have had it since March of 2004, when I got it as my smaller/errand double. Great little stroller, easy to get around my part of suburbia. I've had no trouble with doorways at all. It did much better than expected last summer during our family outings at the zoo etc.

I was torn between this one, the Kidco LST5000? and the Mac Twin Traveler. I only got to play with the Kidco and Inglesina IRL, they are a lot alike, as is the TT on paper. The Mac as dropped when I got the price (almost $700.00!). The Kidco had a couple of things I didn't like. Really shallow seats, my oldest dd did my modeling for me and complained about the lack of thigh support. It only has two handles (again, I'm short and need a middle handle to switch to while walking) and it only has one hood. The twins always want the opposite of each other. So two hoods have been a lifesaver lol!

Since the TS has deeper seats with a nice curved front edge, two hoods, a middle handle, umbrella fold, 6" wheels and an overall width of 29" it won out over the other choices. Oh ya, Inglesina raised the weight limit to 45lbs per seat. Although, I had already taken a common sense approach to strollers and weight limits. I use the stroller as long as the kids are comfortable and the stroller still handles well (doesn't appear to be straining).

Good luck finding the right stroller for you.

05-31-2005, 07:41 PM
Tike Tech doesn't have good rep either. I heard some issue with wheel alignment, but this was in 2003 and improvements might have been done since.

I wouldn't be comfortable with the Aria Twin being my only and all-terrain stroller. Same with the Mac doubles. They are great quality and great strollers, but are not really all-terrain strollers that can do indoor as well as the rough outdoor.

I had the predeccessor to the E3 and quite like it. It is versatile and steer well. This can be an only stroller, I think.

And if you only buy one stroller, I don't suggest a true jogger with huge non-swivel wheels. They are not great for indoor, crowded places or tight spaces.

I don't personally know the 2005 Zooper, but there is the Tango double that might be a less expensive alternative.

If you want sbs and depend on your budget, there is always the Mountain Buggy Double Urban. It does great for indoor, outdoor, good quality, has great resale value, etc.

06-02-2005, 08:24 PM
I went through the same thing. I ended up buying the Maclaren Twin Traveller and I LOVE it. Both babies nap in it all the time and it is narrow.

We also bought a Chariot Carrier Cougar 2, for trail walking, jogging, biking, skiing, and for the cottage. It is SO lightweight and we LOVE it!

I have been super happy with both strollers.

06-06-2005, 12:06 AM
Thanks so much for all the comments! We are thinking of getting Phil and Ted's, we like the fact that we can turn it into a single anytime..that means that we can sell our other stroller. The only problem is..it's not available 'til mid July so I guess I have to suffer with only 1 stroller for a while. I've also thought of MBUD but I don't know where I could try one IRL, as I want to get the feel of it, and its around $599 US..maybe around $800-1K CAN. The only thing I don't like about the P&T is the lack of storage..(I would have to spend more $$ for the pannier bags). As much as I would like to have 2 double strollers one for indoor, and the other for outdoor...that would be too expensive..I'm still on mat leave:-). I really hope that P&T is worth the wait and the money.

06-06-2005, 08:26 PM
Where about are you in Canada? The MB is available in a few baby stores.

06-08-2005, 04:48 PM
I'm in Mississauga! I went to the mountain buggy Canadian website...they are not cheap that's for sure...it's over my budget..I'm actually second guessing myself on the Phil & Ted's now just because of the sun coverage and storage...

06-08-2005, 09:01 PM
I'm in Oakville/Mississauga and you are more than welcome to see mine. It's a 2003/2004 so it's not the same as the new 2005 ones. I don't have our P&T Kiwi Explorer anymore but it worked well for us. I did have the Panier Bags for storage and that worked well too.

There are a few stores that you can see the MB if you want to see the new one http://www.mountainbuggy.ca/mountainbuggycanada/cntct.html

Kiddies World in Mississauga/427 should have the P&T. Li'l Niblets should have both P&T and MB.