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07-29-2005, 04:26 PM
As we all have discovered, we have a pretty skimpy selection of car seats to choose from here, and I need a second convertible for DS2. He is currently slated to take over DS1's FP Safe Embrace. I need a car seat to be transferred between cars on occasion (between DH's car, and both sets of grandparents). It needs to be easy to install and ideally, should be narrow, as we need to fit a passenger in back sometimes too. I can make the FP the designated "transfer" car seat if it is easier to install as well.

So, a part of me says - is the Britax 3 times better than the Cosco? The Cosco is RF to 35 lbs and the Britax goes to 33. The Cosco is FF to 40 lbs and the Britax is to 48. I have a FF harnessed seat (Evenflo Vision) that goes to 48, I think. I want my son to be safe and would obviously spend the money if I felt that the Cosco was unsafe, but I am not convinced that the convenience of Britax is worth $350.


07-29-2005, 11:39 PM
My sister has always said her two best baby purchases have been her MBUD and her Marathons. The big favourite parts are the ease of installation is wonderful, the harness adjuster and the no twist straps. Because the seat sits up so high, you can squeeze beside it in certain cars. I've always had a bit of a problem installing a Cosco or Graco seat myself. I have a FPSE as well and it's just as easy as the Marathon to install. I do love the built in locking clips on both seats, great inventions.

Both nephews have Marathons, Jay is in the top slots now, he's just over the third set and S is still rf at 16 months. Both sit beside each other perfectly on a Dodge Caravan 2 seater bench.

However as you know, all seats are tested the same so the Cosco is safe. You know they're both safe and I guess just go with your gut feeling.

Good luck with your choice!

08-02-2005, 12:31 PM
Well Transport Canada has recently evened out the rf weight limit on seats in Canada. They all go to 30lbs now. Not sure all the reasons, but I heard Evenflo and Graco were complaining they were loosing sales due to their (then) lower limit. I'm sure someone knows more about it than I do. It's not retro-active. So older stock might still have the higher limits. You'd probably have better luck finding a 35lb Cosco seat than you will a 33lb MA though.

I have Britax Roundabouts and a Marathon. I've owned at least 8 seats over the years and used many more. The Fisher-Price and Britax seats are the easiest to install and use. In fact, I move my seats around all the time. I can get all three installed in less than 10 minutes from removing the first from the old car and tightening the last one in the new car. My LATCH MA installs in 90 seconds!

If you want narrow, IIRC the FPSE is one of the widest seats, the Cosco Touriva and any of it's cousins is it. It's also taller than most standard convertibles and has the tallest slots as well. It may not be the easiest seat to install and use (mostly rf), it's not the worst either. The Safety1st version at Sears is well padded and a decent price.

Any 5pt seat that fits the child and vehicle well AND is used correctly every ride is a safe seat. I know what you are saying though. I do have issues with Cosco, but the Touriva (or cousins) is probably the only one I'd use myself. I've used Graco and Evenlfo seats for my kids and don't feel they are less safe than when riding in the Britax seats. I feel better using the Britax though, because they are easier to use and I know dh and the gp's have them in right all the time.