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09-08-2005, 10:25 AM
Any combination seat by Evenflo or Graco. Why? Because they have 17" slots which are really tall for most harnessed seats and higher harness limit. 47lbs for Evenflo and 48lbs for Graco.

I have an old Evenflo Express, now the Chase, Traditions or Visions. It's a decent seat, light, fits well in a lot of vehicles and the on harness adjuster is easier for dh and the gps to use. My only complaint so far is that it sits really straight and not great for car sleepers if the vehicle seat is also really straight. With a good slope or vehicle seat that can recline a notch or two - it's fine. The Generations (which I have not seen yet) may have a recline feature and has an adjustable back. I hear it makes a better booster than the others.

The Graco CarGos come in a lot of models, but seems to be getting is harder to find. Look for one with front adjuster for ease of use. The Ultra and Platinum versions have a recline bar and the model at Sears has EPS foam.

Typing with twins - hope it makes sense!

09-08-2005, 08:00 PM
I have the evenflo and there are a few downsides...

- very finicky chest clip is hard to undo
- the buckles sometimes slide into the base of the seat and are hard to retrieve
- twisty straps
- it is quite hard to adjust the height of the straps. They are clipped in and the clips are hard to undo

Otherwise, the harness slots are very high; the weight limit is awesome; DS seems comfy in it; and it is very lightweight.

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We also use the Eddie Bauer convertible. The one feature that I really like about it is the recline. I like that my toddler can be reclined for naps for long drives. Just something to keep in mind.