View Full Version : Alberta moms - RESP question

03-25-2006, 08:00 PM
You know the money our DC's get just for being born in 2005? Here's what I understand - you have to take out an RESP with DC as the recipient and ask your RESP provider to request the grant on DC's behalf. My question is this - once you have made the request, are you somehow notified that the request has been done/accepted, either by the RESP provider or even the province itself?? I called my RESP provider a few months after DD's birth and gave them her SIN etc and asked what I needed to do to apply for the $500 grant - the rep I spoke to didn't sound too sure of what she was doing and after checking with her supervisor, she said "Oh yeah we have those forms here so we'll send you one so you can apply"... which is very nice except a few weeks later (and no form) I heard that the RESP company is supposed to request the grant on the parents' behalf. So now I have no idea if the grant has been requested or not. (?!) I went to the province's website and it seems to indicate that the parent needs to submit proof of residency etc and my RESP provider has not requested this from me... What do you all think? Did you get some kind of notification that your request for the grant was received??