View Full Version : Instep Elite ET100 Stroller

07-09-2000, 08:11 PM
This jogging stroller has been great to use but the seat does not give any support to my 7 month old son. It is reclining and has a strap, about neck height, around the back of the seat to put it into the upright position. It does not give any support around his back and he ends up slumping, with the seat almost slipping into the recline position again. My son is 23 pounds in weight and can sit unassisted.
Instep responded by sending extra plastic reinforcements for the seat back, however these did not help. They have now sent another strap (my idea and prompting) which has improved the seat support, but it has no proper way to be attached to the strut on the stroller...I've had to tie it in a knot on one side. Also it slips down so I have to adjust it often. I am disappointed that Instep was so casual about what I perceive to be a design fault in the stroller. It cost $220, and has also had the wheels replaced once as they kept falling off. Does anyone have any suggestions how I could pursue this further?