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05-10-2001, 03:51 PM
I just wanted to say how disappointed I am with this line of clothes. I have bought a couple of expensive items at this store and I've had metal buttons that have fallen off which are not fixable and other buttons have cracked and fallen off in the first wash. Also after a single wash threads start unraveling every where. Considering how much I paid for these clothes I am extremely disappointed and would never shop there again. I haven't tried to return them yet so I don't know how receptive they will be to this. On the other hand, Motherhood Clothes which is a subsidiary as far as I know to Mimi, I've had wonderful luck with. Their fit is better, particularly for someone like me who has an enormous belly, and their quality I haven't been able to fault. Comparing $20 for a shortall from Motherhood that I live in and wears well, to the $80 on the Mimi shortall that the buttons fell off on in the first wash I know which I like better, and you can't tell a difference in quality between the two. Baby Bargains didn't mention issues with Mimi in their book so maybe it's just me, but I thought I would put in a warning.

As an aside for basic coordinates you can't beat Target, everyone compliments me on my Target clothes and they wear well. The only problem with Target wear is it is on the small fit side.

05-16-2001, 12:23 PM
Just an added note to my comments regarding Mimi maternity. I was able to return the defective clothes witout a receipt, so that is good. They keep track of their sales on computer which makes this possible. They do not give refunds under any circumstances, however, which meant I had to get other clothes there to the value of my inital purchases. They didn't have shortalls there in my size so I ended with more shirts which I didn't need. I will never shop there again.

06-13-2001, 09:12 AM
Have you tried shopping at their outlet store? The prices are drastically reduced!!! They carry Mimi, Motherhood and A Pea in a Pod for 50 - 80% off retail price!

06-19-2001, 08:37 AM
I agree! I bought a dozen items at Mimi and was extremely dissapointed in the quality, especially compared to their prices! I did a lot of maternity shopping at Target and all of their clothes have held up better than the expensive stuff I bought at Mimi's.

06-26-2001, 08:16 PM
i had luck with belly basics .... wore very well for the anount of time i needed and didn't have to change my style. bootlegs, tees, oxfords and dr. martin shoes! i've also heard positive things about the gap, although it's only mail order.

07-06-2001, 02:20 PM
I have had great luck with Gap Maternity. You can only shop online but the clothes are great quality and not very expensive. The website is user-friendly and you can get coupons by signing up to be on their mailing list.
All in all, The Gap has come through again.

08-06-2001, 06:49 PM
I too, ordered a few things from Mimi--their maternity briefs would've fit my 9 yr. old niece. I guess that's what they mean by one size.

I've also had great luck with Gap & Old Navy online. Easy to order, quick shipping, & easy to return. Believe them when they say sizes run large. THEY DO! I wear a pre-preg size 18 & I am still hiking up my XL Gap & Old Navy pants at 7 months. The great thing about the Old Navy pants is they adjust--so get the smaller size & you can let them out as you grow.