View Full Version : Beware SONY DIRECT Buyers

Annie O
05-16-2001, 11:56 AM
If you plan on buying Sony products (and they do have great products), DO NOT BUY DIRECTLY FROM THEM. I purchased a Sony camcorder from a store and received a $20 gift certificate for an accessory through Sony Direct. First of all, you pay full price on your item, and then they credit your charge card $20 within 2 billing cycles. When I ordered by phone, I told the salesperson which camcorder I had and ordered a tripod for it. She recommended the more expensive model which I bought. After hanging up, I discovered that tripod was incompatible with my camcorder. I immediately called Sony to change my order. They told me their system DOES NOT ALLOW ANY CHANGES OR CANCELLATIONS EVEN IF YOU PLACED AN ORDER 5 MINUTES AGO. I can refuse shipment from UPS so I will not have to pay for shipping, but THEY WILL TAKE 2 BILLING CYCLES TO CREDIT AN ITEM THAT I AM SENDING BACK AS SOON AS I RECEIVE IT. There are only headaches and no benefits of ordering directly from Sony. Buy from a store.