View Full Version : Complaint about Century handling of recall

07-28-2001, 11:21 AM
I am quite unhappy with the way Century is handling their stroller recall. I have a 4-in-1 Travel Solutions so I called the number for the recall. I gave all of my information to receive my free repair kit. At the end of the call they tell you it will be 2-4 weeks before the repair kit is delivered. It has been 4 weeks since my first call and I have not been able to use my stroller. Has anyone had any luck getting their free repair kit? Does anyine have any advice on how I might actually get mine?

07-30-2001, 08:01 AM
I agree with you, there handling this stroller recall very poorly. I called the recall number and left my information, and then called the 800 number they give you at the end 3 times, with no response. I also emailed customer service and got a response that stated that they couldn't respond to my email for technical reasons. I complained to the Fields, who put me in touch with the CPSC. Who knows if any of this helped, but I sure want the "world" to know how awful they are.

Be patient, it took about 6 weeks, but I finally received my repair kit. Prior to that, though, I had to go out and spend $60 on a stroller to use in the mean time! I should send Century the bill!

07-30-2001, 03:22 PM
It is frustrating. I did receive my repair kit, but it was definitely more than 4 weeks (I lost count).

Luckily, I had another stroller, so I wasn't inconvenienced.

07-31-2001, 10:53 AM

I too called the day I heard about the recall. Finally, last week after I was tired of waiting for the parts to come in I called Century directly and complained. The customer service person here told me that they issued the recall prior to having the parts to repair them for safety purposes. However, she ordered me a new repair kit and had it sent 3 day mail to me. I called Thursday or Friday and had it yesterday (monday). I found the direct Customer service line to be very helpful.

Hope this helps.