View Full Version : Babies R Us Registry

10-31-2001, 08:47 AM
Beware of this registry if your reason for joining it is so that people can buy you gifts online.

My mother just bought me a gift from my registry online and PAID to have it gift wrapped. The gift arrived quickly - no complaints there. However, these knuckleheads include the invoice with the package and the invoice very clearly states the name of the shipped product. In other words, someone pays to gift wrap the gift and you know what is in the gift before you've even opened it.

I asked amazon.com (who runs the online registry) about this policy. They say "I apologize that the gift order you received contained an invoice. We do include a packing slip with gift orders, so the recipient can verify that the correct item was received. However, this invoice should not contain price nor should it disclose any fees such as gift wrapping costs." In other words, they love charging for gift wrapping but don't bother keeping the gift a secret, they seem to be totally incapable of printing gift receipts without the name of the product on the receipt, and they have no intention of changing their policy.

Better to suggest to your friends and family that they not bother to pay for gift wrapping if they're going to purchase Babies R Us registry items online.